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South Side Mission Volunteering 2018

L-R: Doug Roelfs, Desiree Carlson, Andrew Dwyer, Shannon Williams, & Emily Watson.

CityLink General Manager and staff members recently volunteered to help prepare Thanksgiving meals at South Side Mission on November 21.  South Side Mission staff and volunteers prepared approximately 3,400 meals that were delivered the following day on Thanksgiving to individuals and family in need.

This was the second year CityLink has participated in the Thanksgiving meal prep at South Side Mission.  CityLink Executive Assistant/Board Support Desiree Carlson and Director of Marketing Emily Watson were tasked with gravy ladling. GM Doug Roelfs was in charge of the mashed potatoes, and HR Director Shannon Williams was on green bean duty.  Director of Mobility Andrew Dwyer was a “runner” tasked with preparing the meal containers at the beginning of the food line, and also helping replenish the various foods when the supply ran low.

South Side Mission is looking for additional volunteers to help prepare and deliver Christmas meals later this month.  To learn more about how you can volunteer, visit the Volunteer page of their website.

Thank you to South Side Mission for all that you do to help the community.  We look forward to helping with next year’s Thanksgiving meal prep!

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