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Washington CityLift Service

PAGE UPDATED 1/27/2023

Washington CityLift Service is reserved for residents in the Washington, IL Zip code (61571).

On August 1, 2022, CityLink was excited to introduce a six month, 5310 partially funded, paratransit service in the City of Washington, for their 5310 partially funded, paratransit service in the City of Washington, for their underserved urban area. Fortunately, the City of Washington was approved to extend the paratransit service for 12 months, starting on February 1, 2023. The funds from the previous six-month pilot were not exhausted, which allowed for the extension of service.

Service is provided to individuals aged 18 to 59 based on their mobility challenges and disability. Riders are required to complete and submit a simple two-page application to Washington Township, that requires a medical professional sign off verifying their handicap and need for paratransit service. Similar service for persons aged 60 and older is available through Central Illinois Agency on Aging, Ph. (309) 674-2071.

Rates to Ride

Updated rates to ride as Washington residents are as follows (effective on 2/1/2023):

  • Rides within the Washington Urban Map Area are $2.00 each way for residents.
  • Washington residents that are approved for CityLift service may ride CityLift for $2.00 one way in all areas that are covered by fixed route.
    • Disabled riders in the Sunnyland area who are already qualified to ride with CityLift, can fill out a Washington Rider application and send it to Washington Township to be eligible to ride to the Washington Urban Area for $2.00 each way.
  • Personal Care Assistants ride for free with the transit client.
  • Fare is cash (correct change only) or tickets may be purchased at CityLink Transit Center or administrative office for books of 10 for $20.00, or online by clicking HERE.

Scheduling a Ride

  • All rides must be scheduled at least one-day in advance, more notice is better.
  • To schedule a ride, contact CityLift at Ph. (309) 999-3667.
  • Your application must be on file and approved to ride the paratransit service.

Transit Service Date and Time Availability

  • The Washington Urban Paratransit Service operates 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday with the final pick up, by no later than 5:30 pm. There is no service on recognized holidays on which GPMTD does not provide service.
  • Your pick-up and drop off times must take place within those hours to meet paratransit service availability.

Service Area Washington Map

Download Service Map PDF

City of Washington/Urban Area Residents

Please click on the following link to complete the Underserved Urban Washington application (PDF) for CityLift service. An online application format is coming soon!

Sunnyland Area Residents

Step One

Sunnyland disabled residents (aged 18-59) who want to travel to the Underserved Urban Washington area must first be on file with a standard Sunnyland CityLift rider application.

Step Two

Once qualified with CityLift, please submit an Underserved Urban Washington application (PDF) to the Township. Assuming a resident qualified on both applications, that resident would be able to schedule a ride from the Sunnyland area to the Underserved Washington Urban area for $2.00 one way. Application processing can take up to the standard 21 days or less for Sunnyland residents.

Note: If you are age 18 or over and/or live outside the Washington Urban area (in the rural area) OR are over age 60 living in the Washington urban area, there are means of transportation available for you to travel both within and beyond Washington. Information on those alternative services is available on the City of Washington and Washington Township websites under the ‘Mobile Senior Free Ride’ heading. The brochure on the website describes the Free 65+ Ride service as well as all available transit service providers. If you need help, please feel free to call Washington Township at (309) 444-2987.


For questions, please contact Washington Township at 309-444-2987.  The required documents can be mailed to 58 Valley Forge Drive, Washington, IL 61571, sent via fax to 309-444-3944 or sent electronically to washingtontwp@gmail.com.

To find out more information about Washington, Illinois CityLift service, please visit www.ci.washington.il.us,  www.toi.org/township/tazewell-county-washington or www.facebook.com/CityofWashingtonIL.  Information is also available on the CityLink website at www.ridecitylink.org/about/citylift/washington-service.

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