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Track your CityLink bus’s location in real-time by using CityLink’s feature-laden myStop® application, featuring Avail technology. While you’re riding the bus, this bus tracking technology will tell you where you are, where you’re going, and how far — or near — you are from your destination. Know as you go with this bus tracking technology!

You can find your bus by clicking the Routes or Stops panel, and locating your trip to see the status of your bus. You may also set up alerts using the Alert panel in order to receive recurring alerts. We encourage riders to download the myStop® app for Apple/iPhone or Android devices for the complete experience with real-time bus tracking right at your fingertips.

Other myStop® application features include:

  • Option to Plan Your Trip with the myStop® Trip Planner
  • Real-Time Arrival View Routes & Stops
    • Each CityLink Bus Stop Now has a Stop ID
  • Option to Set Up an Account to Receive Rider and Service Alerts and Bus Arrival Notifications via Text or Email
  • View the explainer video below to learn more about this technology!

If you are experiencing technical problems with MyStop, view the original website here, or download the MyStop app. MyStop also offers a text only version of this, which you can access here.

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