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About CityLink

Who We Serve…
People who work, take classes, go to church, need a doctor, want to shop, enjoy recreation and socializing, like to read, want to carpool and hate finding a place to park…kids to senior…those with vehicles and those without.

What We Do…
Take people where they want and need to go, pick them up and drop them off at designated places and times, offer interaction with friendly drivers and passengers and provide a link from one community to another.

Where We Go…
More than 25 shopping centers, 2 airports, 75 plus schools, 4 hospitals, multiple walk-in medical clinics, over 25 nursing homes and retirement centers, over 50 apartment complexes, 8 golf courses, public swimming pools, theaters, museums, and parks in 8 communities…just to name a few.

Mission Statement
The Greater Peoria Mass Transit District (CityLink) provides an environmentally friendly and customer-focused transportation service that connects people to places in an efficient and safe manner.

Vision Statement
The Greater Peoria Mass Transit (CityLink) is a regional leader in the movement of people focused on providing a safe environment and reliable transportation. We are proactive leaders in providing creative solutions by a dedicated, committed, highly motivated team which produces delighted customers.

CityLink Management Team

Doug Roelfs
General Manager

Doug Roelfs became General Manager of CityLink on February 1, 2017. He served as the Assistant General Manager from November 1, 2016 until he was named General Manager. Roelfs began his career working for the City of Mediapolis, Iowa in the Public Works Department.  He advanced to Public Works Supervisor during his career there, which spanned 24 years. Roelfs began his career in the public transportation industry in 2006, and he joined First Transit Inc. in 2013. With First Transit, Roelfs served as the General Manager of CitiBus in Davenport, Iowa; Assistant General Manager of Operations for the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority in Berkshire, Massachusetts; and he provided assistance for transit agencies in Jackson, Tennessee; Greenfield, Massachusetts and Denton, Texas.

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