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Please visit the Service Alerts page for information on current detours and route or stop changes.

For a full list of holidays on which there is no CityLink bus service, please visit the Contact Us page.



Effective February 3, 2019, CityLink buses only pick-up and drop-off passengers at signed locations, benches, and shelters.

This is an effort to better improve passenger safety, the timeliness, and overall bus service provided by CityLink.

View Full List of Stops***

***This list is subject to change as routes and stops are continuously monitored and/or adjusted to improve bus service and accommodate road construction projects.

How to Read the CityLink Rider’s Guide

  • The CityLink Rider’s Guide provides route information for all routes.
  • Schedules indicate when a bus will arrive at major stops along the route. Select the appropriate route.
  • Use the section of the timetable that corresponds to the direction of travel. (i.e. From Transit Center or To Transit Center.)
  • Only key points along the route are listed.
  • Read the timetable from left to right.
  • Find the stop nearest to your boarding location. If your stop is not at a time point use the previous time point to determine when you should be at your stop.
  • Read down the column to determine the departure time.
  • Read across to determine the time of arrival and intersection nearest your destination.

NOTE: CityLink bus schedules change periodically; and times are approximate and may vary due to traffic, weather conditions, construction or detours.

Download CityLink Rider’s Guide (PDF)

How to Find CityLink Routes on GIS Maps

The following is a link to CityLink GIS Maps on CentralILMaps.com, a collaborative effort led by the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission to bring internet mapping capabilities to public agencies in the Central Illinois region.

(For example: These maps can be used to determine if an individual’s resident falls within the 3/4 boundary for paratransit service.)


How to Find CityLink Routes Using Google Maps

All CityLink route and schedule information is available in Google Maps. This service can be used as an alternative to the printed CityLink Rider’s Guide.

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