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CityLift paratransit service is a shared ride, door-to-door transportation program utilizing specialized vehicles. The service is provided by Transdev under the supervision of the Greater Peoria Mass Transit District (CityLink).

The program provides complementary service for eligible individuals who are not able to use regular bus service — also called “fixed route” — because of a disability, or other limitations. However, many customers find the fixed route service is often the best and most economical transportation service f or persons with disabilities.

Did You Know?

Persons who are certified for CityLift may obtain a “Paratransit rider ID card” which allows them to use the fixed route free of charge.

A Few Tips for Paratransit Passengers

Please have the following prepared BEFORE booking a trip:

  • The rider’s name, location to depart from, and a telephone number.
  • If a Personal Attendant or companion will accompany the rider.
  • If a service animal will accompany the rider.
  • Information about any mobility device if the rider uses a mobility aide.
  • The exact address of the destination and a telephone number, if available.
  • The date and time the rider would like to arrive at the destination.
  • Information about the return trip, if applicable
Pick-Up Window of Time

Passengers must be ready to travel from the scheduled pick-up location fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled pick-up time and up to fifteen (15) minutes beyond the scheduled pick- up time.


When weather conditions are not favorable to travel, customers should expect delays and possible cancellation of the requested travel. Fog, snow, and rain can cause considerable delays in travel.

In the event of any snow accumulation, the trip may be canceled if the street the customer lives on has not been plowed or in the event several of the streets that the van must travel have not been plowed.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure their driveway and walkway are cleared sufficiently to allow the operator to access the pick-up location. Customers will not be charged with a late cancellation for a trip that could not be taken when weather conditions do not permit safe travel.


CountyLink operates a door-to-door service.  There are no fixed routes or designated stops for getting on or off the vehicles.  You are picked up at your home or another specified location and dropped off at your destination. Door-to-door service is provided for all our passengers. Door-to-door service means the CountyLink driver will ensure that any passenger will be picked up at their door and dropped off at the front door of their destination. The CountyLink driver is responsible for assisting the passenger to and from the vehicle.

Reservations can be made 24- hours in advance to 14 days in advance. Passengers are encouraged to call as far ahead as possible for reservations. A pickup or drop-off time may be adjusted by the dispatcher, if necessary, to maintain efficiency.  There is a 15-minute window on either side of the scheduled time. Please be ready at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up time and understand you may be picked up 15 minutes after your scheduled time. To make a reservation, please call (309) 999-3667.

Management & Operations Information

GPMTD has partnered with Transdev for the management and operations of the CityLift and CountyLink services.

1530 W. Altorfer Dr.
Peoria, IL 61615
Telephone: (309) 999-3667
Fax: (309) 401-3225

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