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Passenger Link – January 2024

Local Free Entry Opportunities for Passengers in 2024

CityLink is pleased to share that it will be partnering with the Peoria Riverfront Museum (April), Peoria PlayHouse Museum (June), Peoria Zoo (August), and Caterpillar Visitors Center (October) for free entry opportunities in designated months in 2024! Passengers of CityLink, CityLift, or CountyLink
simply show their bus pass/ticket at the admission desks for each institution to gain free general entry.

Below is the list of accepted bus passes/tickets:

  • CityLink Day Pass – $3 per pass
    Offers unlimited fixed route rides for one
    complete service day
  • CityLink 30-Day Pass – $40 per pass
    Offers unlimited fixed route rides for 30
    consecutive service days
  • CityLift Ticket – $2 per ticket
    Offers one ride on the paratransit service and
    this service requires eligibility to ride
  • CountyLink/CAUSE Ticket – $6 per ticket
    Offers one ride on the rural transportation
    service and this service requires that a trip
    begins or ends in the rural part of Peoria County

More information on each of these free entry opportunities will be shared in the coming months!

CityLink Partners with PCCEO Head Start for New Childcare Center

Exterior/entrance of the PCCEO Head Start Learning Center attached to the CityLink Transit Center.

CityLink and PCCEO Head Start are pleased to announce the opening of a new childcare center located next to the CityLink Transit Center at 415 SW Adams Street. The childcare center entrance is located on the south end of the Adams Street side of the facility, and it officially opened on Tuesday, January 16, 2024 for children aged from birth to five years.

The Head Start program offers quality education for children aged from birth to five years, with over 40 years of experience in early childhood development. Head Start currently serves over 330 children and has seven locations for families to choose from, including the new childcare center located next to the CityLink Transit Center. Applications for enrollment are now being accepted. More information on Head Start and registration is available online at www.pcceo.org/how-we-help/headstart.

Construction Update and New Bus Simulators

A new year has arrived, and it just so happens to be the year that CityLink staff will officially move into the new Maintenance/Operations/ Administration building! The 1st floor that will house the maintenance department was handed over mid-December and CityLink is currently working through moving in. Most of the construction work is now concentrated on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

One of the most exciting things to happen recently was the arrival of two bus simulators the week of December 18! They were delivered and set up in the simulator room on the 2nd floor of the new building. The simulators are fully operational, but they are currently covered up while the construction crew continues to work on the 2nd floor of the building. These simulators will become a crucial part of the CityLink training process. They offer realistic simulations of different road and weather conditions, pedestrian and motorist traffic, and other obstacles bus operators may encounter while driving their routes.

Photo taken the week the new bus simulators were delivered to CityLink.

2024 Peoria Historical Calendar 

2024 Peoria Historical Calendar Cover

CityLink’s 2024 Peoria Historical Calendar is now available! This year, the calendar features photographs of local educational institutions, including public and private schools, and a very early photo of students at Bradley Polytechnic Institute, now Bradley University.

CityLink would like to thank the Virginius H. Chase Special Collections Center at Bradley University and Peoria Historical Society for providing the photographs for the 2024 Peoria Historical Calendar.

The 2024 Peoria Historical Calendar is available for a suggested donation of $5.00 at the CityLink Transit Center and the CityLink Administrative Office (2105 NE Jefferson). Local retailer Urban Artifacts (925 N. Sheridan) is also selling the calendar for a suggested donation of $5.00. All proceeds collected will be donated to the Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service.

Stuff-A-Bus Food Drive Collects 10 Tons of Donations 

The 36th Annual Stuff-A-Bus food drive to benefit the Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service officially concluded on November 29, 2023. The total weight of donations collected on the bus during this year’s Stuff-A-Bus food drive totaled 20,000 pounds or 10 tons. While this total amount collected was short of the goal, Stuff-A-Bus still provided an admirable amount of food that will help sustain the Peoria Friendship House food pantry for several months.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the food drive to make it another success campaign! Please visit the Stuff-A-Bus Facebook page at www.facebook.com/stuffabuspeoria for more info and photos from the 2023 campaign.

ATU Local #416 President Corey Sebens with bus 1206 at the Peoria Friendship House for the wrap up of the 2023 Stuff-A-Bus food drive.
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