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New Construction Project Update – Sept. 2023

The work is steadily continuing at our construction site, and the most exciting update for CityLink employees since last month is that the new large employee parking lot was officially completed and cleared for use! Employees are now able to park in a secure and fenced parking lot located off of Van Buren Street. This is a permanent parking lot that will continue to be used once the new building is completed in 2024.

On September 6, a group from OLLI at Bradley University, including GPMTD Board Trustee Sharon McBride, visited our construction site and did a walkthrough of the new facilities. CityLink leadership and Beth Schupp from River City Construction (RCC) enjoyed showing the group the progress being made and answering questions about CityLink and the transportation services we offer.

The OLLI Group poses with CityLink leadership and Beth Schupp from River City Construction after the walkthrough on Sept. 6.

Additional updates from the new maintenance and administrative facilities (Phase B) construction project for CityLink, are below.

  • ICCI (Interplan) – Installed pavers
  • Tazewell Asphalt – Installed asphalt & striped NE parking lot
  • ANJ Electric – Light poles are set, working on temporary power
  • ICCI – Installing curb, gutter, and sidewalks
  • Western – Installing air barrier, girts & insulation along with exterior panels
  • East Moline Glass – Glass installed in available areas
  • Tobin – Installing showers and plumbing throughout
  • Central Illinois Coating – Installed traffic coating on terraces
  • PIPCO – Working on roof top units, boiler piping, & ductwork installation
  • ANJ Electric – Continuing rough-in and starting to install electrical panels and pull wire
  • Bedrock – Painting doors, frames and continuing to follow the mechanicals
  • Wright-Way – Framing & drywalling throughout
  • RCC – Installing door frames, accordion wall blocking, & wall blocking

Below you will find several updated photos that were taken recently.

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