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New Construction Project Update – Sept. 2022

The latest updates from the new paint/body shop (Phase A) and the new maintenance and administrative facilities (Phase B) construction project for CityLink, are below.

Phase A – Rear Building (Paint/Body Shop):

  • Punch List – 90% complete
  • Close out documents – 98% complete from subcontractors, currently in design team’s hands
  • Owner Training – Working with CityLink for time frames

Phases B, C, & D:

  • ANJ installed manholes, conduit in electrical duct bank and poured duct bank near administration building
  • NE Finch
    • Backfilled & graded at the SW corner of admin
    • Compacted soil at admin building footings & footing pads
    • Excavated for elevator #2
    • Excavating garage building footings
    • Grading admin building
    • Using Searle & Hess Trucking
    • Rock at detention basin
    • Removed asphalt for storm line excavation at back South building
    • Installing storm piping & manhole
  • River City Construction
    • Formed elevator pit walls, admin building footings & garage low wall
    • Formed retaining wall
    • Poured high & low wall, along with retaining wall
    • Wrecked forms for admin high wall & building footings

You will find update photos below that were taken over the past several weeks. On September 23, Peoria Public Schools District 150 students from Woodruff visited the construction site & did a walkthrough with River City Construction. The students were able to see concrete being poured for the new electrical building & tour Phase A (paint/body shop). A new time-lapse that was taken between August 8, 2022 and September 5, 2022 is also available below.

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