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New Construction Project Update – Oct. 2023

Work is continuing on our construction project, and the most exciting update from this month is that CityLink branding has been installed on the north side of the admin building and on the east side of the maintenance garage. It’s starting to look more and more like the concept drawings we saw all those months ago!

New photo taken from the east side of the maintenance garage. The concept drawing is further down in this post.

The crews working on the project have been very busy this past month and progress is also being made on the interior of the building. It’s been exciting to see the tiling being installed on the first and second floors, and the lockers being installed on those same floors. You will see just how busy they’ve been with the additional updates below.

  • F&W – Installing retaining wall
  • Tazewell Asphalt – Installed asphalt & striped northwest parking lot
  • Hohulin – Installing fence
  • ICCI – Poured sidewalk north of admin
  • Tazewell County Asphalt – Graded at lower-level parking
  • N.E. Finch – removed concrete south building
  • Illinois Oil – Working on fuel island
  • Western – Installing corrugated siding at admin building
  • East Moline Glass – Sealing glazing seams
  • Tobin – Continuing to install fixtures throughout
  • ANJ Electric
    • Set quazite box & poured ductbank at east side of south building
    • Connecting power overhead, pulling main feeders & running conduit in garage
  • PIPCO – Hanging duct throughout
  • Hitchcock – Installing fire protection piping
  • Carpet Weavers – Installing wall tile
  • Maxwell – Installing countertops
  • Bedrock – Continuing to follow mechanicals & started 1st coat of accent colors
  • Wright-Way – Installing drywall, taping, & installing ceiling grid
  • River City Construction
    • Swinging doors & adding hardware
    • Installing blocking throughout and continuing general clean
Concept rendering of the east side of the maintenance garage.

Below you will find several updated photos that were taken recently. We also encourage you to check out the new drone/aerial video of the project that RCC recently posted on their Facebook page.

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