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New Construction Project Update – Oct. 2022

The latest updates from the new paint/body shop (Phase A) and the new maintenance and administrative facilities (Phase B) construction project for CityLink, are below.

Phase A – Rear Building (Paint/Body Shop):

  • Punch List – 95% complete
  • Close out documents – 99% complete from subcontractors
    • Design team reviewing
    • River City Construction (RCC) submitted a Preliminary Operations & Maintenance Manual for Citylink’s current use
  • Owner Training – Scheduling with CityLink
  • Dries Plumbing
    • New compressor arrived and set on mezzanine in rear building
    • Working on getting the temporary one disconnected & the new one set up

Phases B, C, & D:

  • NE Finch
    • Excavated garage building footings
    • Excavated for tire carousel & electrical room
    • Backfilling around garage building footings & low wall
    • Grading lot to the east of admin & garage buildings
    • Installing storm piping
    • Removed asphalt
    • Excavated garage building footings
  • Illinois Civil Contractors, Inc. (ICCI)
    • Forming concrete pavement east of the south building
    • Forming sidewalk of existing admin building
    • Grading for concrete pavement pour
    • Pouring concrete pavement near existing admin building
    • Pouring sidewalk at existing admin building
  • ANJ Electric
    • Installed conduit at electrical room
    • Installed sonatube near existing admin building
    • Poured flowable in duct bank ditch
  • RCC
    • Formed garage building low wall.
    • Installed insulation at garage building low wall
    • Poured garage building footings
    • Pouring garage building footings & low wall
    • Wrecking forms at garage building footings & low wall
  • Hanley – Steel joists & decking was delivered
  • Tobin – Using Searle Trucking for backfill
  • Phase BCD – 23.5% construction complete
  • Precast is starting to be set

You will find update photos below that were taken over the past several weeks. The week of October 17, a new temporary tent structure started going up at the CityLink facilities on NE Jefferson. This is acting as additional storage space for buses & other vehicles while the new building is under construction. This will be especially helpful in the winter months so the buses don’t have to stay outside in poor weather conditions. The tent will be fully complete once the larger doors have been received and installed; however it is already being used by CityLink for storage. A new time-lapse that was taken between September 12, 2022 and and October 17, 2022 is also available below.

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