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New Construction Project Update – Jun. 2023

The excitement is building (literally!) for CityLink as progress continues at the construction of our new maintenance garage and three-story building! Wall framing has begun on the 2nd floor, which will house the operations/dispatch center, training rooms, and administrative offices. The 3rd floor will be the last part of the building completed, but there has been progress made with the concrete flooring on that level.

Before the GPMTD Board meeting on June 12, a small group from CityLink, which included Board Trustees Jeff Hoerr and Don Knox, did a walkthrough of the site with representatives from River City Construction, Muller & Muller, and other CityLink employees.

GPMTD Board Trustees Jeff Hoerr (5th from left) and Don Knox (4th from right) during the walkthrough on June 12.

Additional updates from the new maintenance and administrative facilities (Phase B) construction project for CityLink, are below.

  • N.E. Finch
    • Demoing sidewalk at corner of VanBuren & Jefferson
    • Installing drain tile at retaining wall
    • Installing geo grid behind retaining wall
    • Installing manholes at the NE parking lot
  • F&W Lawn Care – Installing the retaining wall on east side of three-story building
  • East Moline Glass – Installing skylights on roof of the garage
  • Western Specialty Contractors – Installing air barrier on 3rd level of the three-story building
  • DH Pace – Installing garage doors
  • RCC – Installing blocking for CityLink sign on the NE corner of three-story building
  • Illinois Civil Contractors, Inc. (ICCI) – Pouring concrete on west side of garage
  • Wright-Way Interior Systems – Installing framing on skywalk
  • PIPCO – Installing piping in tire carousal room
  • Brock Industrial – Installing insulation on water heating piping
  • Bedrock Painting
    • Painting walls in the garage
    • Painting columns & overhead MEP’s in garage
  • Central Illinois Coatings (CIC) – Installed polished concrete on 2nd floor of three-story building

Below you will find several update photos that were taken over the past several weeks. Unfortunately there are no new videos this month, and CityLink made the decision to discontinue the timelapse camera after encountering several technical and logistical issues.

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