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New Construction Project Update – Jul. 2023

The excitement continues for CityLink at the construction of our new maintenance garage and three-story building! The 1st floor that will house the maintenance garage and office is moving along nicely. The goal is to have the maintenance move into this space by the end of this year. The 2nd floor is also a priority as it will house the operations/dispatch center, training rooms, and administrative offices that are currently located in the south garage. Phase B, which is the south garage renovation, is dependent on the 1st and 2nd floors getting completed on schedule. Wall framing has begun on the 3rd floor for the offices that will be located on this floor.

On July 6, GPMTD Board Trustee Sharon McBride was joined by her sons Matthew and Nathan for a tour of the first floor of the construction site with CityLink GM Doug Roelfs and AGM Nick Standefer.

GPMTD Board Trustee Sharon McBride with her sons (Matthew is the 2nd from left and Nathan is on the far right) and GM Doug Roelfs & AGM Nick Standefer during the walkthrough on July 6.

Additional updates from the new maintenance and administrative facilities (Phase B) construction project for CityLink, are below.

  • N.E. Finch – Backfilling retaining wall & excavating near Van Buren
  • F&W Lawn Care – Installing retaining wall on Jefferson & Van Buren
  • Hohulin – Installing pole base sleeves for fencing
  • ICCI – Pouring concrete on the west side of the south building
  • Western Specialty Contractors – Installing air barrier, girts & insulation along with exterior panels
  • Tobin Brothers Plumbing – Installing piping on 2nd & 3rd floors
  • Brock Insulating – 2nd floor ductwork
  • Wright-Way Interior Systems – Framing on the 1st & 2nd floors
  • ANJ Electric
    • Roughing in 1st & 2nd floors
    • Installing electrical conduit and boxes
  • River City Construction (RCC)
    • Installing blocking on the 2nd floor
    • Poured concrete pads for charger
  • Central Illinois Coatings (CIC)
    • Installed resinous flooring in the north half of the garage
  • Currently 53.16% complete on Phase B

Below you will find several update photos that were taken recently. RCC uploaded another great aerial video of the project on their Facebook page this week that you should check out!

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