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New Construction Project Update – Jul. 2022

The latest updates from the new paint/body shop (Phase A) and the new maintenance and administrative facilities (Phase B) construction project for CityLink, are below.

Phase A – Rear Building (Paint/Body Shop):

  • Punch list, close out documents, and owner training
  • Control panel for Paint Booth being completed
  • Currently 98% complete

Phases B, C, & D:

  • Jefferson work completed & Traffic Control taken down
  • ANJ Electric installing rebar & chairs for conduit at front entrance, backfilled and graded
  • NE Finch working on Storm & Retainage Pond
  • NE Finch – Excavating for Footings, and backfilling at Keyway at admin
  • River City Construction formed Keyway at admin and installed base plates at forms
  • United Rebar installed rebar for high wall at admin
  • Currently 20% complete

You will find update photos below that were taken over the past several weeks, along with a new time-lapse video that was taken between May 25, 2022 and July 8, 2022 and features some more footage of the demo of the 1978 garage.

Project Phasing Timeline:

  • Phase A – Rear Building (Paint and Body Shop)
    • Completion Expected April 19, 2022 (Substantial completion)
  • Phase B – Admin/Maintenance Shop & Visitor Parking
  • Demo of 1978 Building – April/May of 2022
    • 1 year for site & building construction phase – May/June of 2023
  • Phase C – South Storage Building Renovation
  • Final Completion Expected December 2023
    • Phase D – Annex
  • Phase BCD went Out for Bid – December 2021
    • Final Completion for all phases is expected December 2023

As construction continues, updates will be made on the progress through our website and YouTube channel.

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