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New Construction Project Update – Jan. 2024

A new year has arrived, and it just so happens to be the year that CityLink staff will officially move into the new building! The 1st floor that will house the maintenance department was handed over mid-December and CityLink is currently working through moving in. Most of the construction work is now concentrated on the 2nd and 3rd floors. One of the most exciting things to happen since last month’s update was the arrival of two bus simulators the week of December 18! They were delivered and set up in the simulator room on the 2nd floor of the new building. The simulators are fully operational, but they are currently covered up while the construction crew continues to work on the 2nd floor of the building. These simulators will become a crucial part of the CityLink training process. They offer realistic simulations of different road and weather conditions, pedestrian and motorist traffic, and other obstacles bus operators may encounter while driving their routes. Below are a few photos that were taken the week the simulators were delivered.

On December 20, City of East Peoria Director of Planning & Community Development Ty Livingston joined CityLink Assistant GM Nick Standefer for a walkthrough of the new building. They are pictured below on the 2nd floor skywalk, which will allow operators to get to their buses without having to walk through the garage or outside in the elements.

CityLink AGM Nick Standefer (L) with Ty Livingston (R).

Additional updates from Phases B, C, & D of this construction project for CityLink are below.

  • EMG – Continuing installation of exterior framing/glazing.
  • ANJ –
    • Installing conduit at north exterior wall of south building
    • Dropping lights throughout & roughing in can lights at board room
  • RCC –
    • Completed the temporary enclosure for TK Elevator #2
    • Cleaned simulator room for simulator installations
    • General clean, installing casework/countertops throughout & mesh partitions at mezzanine
  • Hitchcock – Air tested the fire protection system at admin 2nd floor
  • Overall phases are 77.73% completed.

Thank you to River City Construction for providing a great overall site view of the CityLink property. It’s amazing to see the transformation that has occurred since the groundbreaking in May 2022!

CityLink/GPMTD site view courtesy of RCC.

Below you will find several other updated photos of the project that were taken recently.

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