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New Construction Project Update – Jan. 2022

The latest updates from the new paint/body shop, which is Phase A of the new maintenance and administrative facilities construction project for CityLink, are below.

  • River City Construction (RCC) pouring concrete slab at North side of the New Body Shop
  • RCC leveling and grading soil and installing temporary doors
  • J.J. Braker installing Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) wall
  • N.E. Finch leveling and grading soil
  • Peoria Metro setting forms and pouring the retaining walls
  • Pre-Bid for Bid Package #2 was held on Wednesday, January 5, 2022
  • Bid Opening began on Thursday, January 20, 2022
    • Bid Approval planned at February Board Meeting

You will find photos below that were taken in mid-January of the exterior and interior of the new paint/body shop. Unfortunately there is no new timelapse video this month due to most of the work taking place inside the building. We are working on getting the timelapse camera moved to the interior so we can begin sharing footage of the project again.

  • Phase A – Rear Building (Paint and Body Shop)
    • Final Completion Expected April 19, 2022
  • Phase B – Admin/Maintenance Shop & Visitor Parking
    • Out for Bid – December 2022
    • Demo of 1978 Building – April/May of 2022
    • 1 year for site & building construction phase – April/May of 2023
    • Final Completion Expected December 2023
  • Phase C – South Storage Building Renovation
    • Out for Bid – December 2022
    • Final Completion Expected December 2023
  • Phase D – Annex
    • Out for Bid – December 2022
    • Final Completion Expected December 2023

As construction continues, updates will be made on the progress through our website and YouTube channel.

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