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New Construction Project Update – Feb. 2024

This is not a drill, the CityLink parts room is officially moving into the first floor of the new building! Last weekend, the maintenance staff began moving the contents of the parts room, and it has been no easy feat when moving from a building that has been occupied for more than 30 years. We want to thank our maintenance staff for their assistance in making this a smooth transition. The rest of the maintenance staff will also be moving into the first floor in the coming days and weeks. Below are a couple of photos from the beginning of this week showing the progress of the parts room move in.

We also had some special visitors on January 31 and February 2. We welcomed senior Construction Management students from Bradley University for construction site visits on these dates. They are students of a class that River City Construction Senior Project Manager Beth Schupp & Estimator Justin Beatty co-teaches. It was fun to show off the progress of the construction project to these students! Below are photos from the two Bradley groups’ site visits.

Additional updates from Phases B, C, & D of this construction project for CityLink are below.

  • Ameren – Set a new pole near the front entrance
  • Western – Installing canopy metal & RTU screens
  • EMG – Installing nanawall
  • ANJ
    • Pulling wire at the generator docking station
    • Installing permanent panels on the mezzanine
  • K-COM – Working on fiber in existing Admin
  • Wright-Way
    • Installing hard lid at three Seasons & board room
    • Taping board room
  • TK Elevator – Installing elevators 1 & 2, along with door frames & controls
  • Carpet Weavers – Installing carpet tile
  • RCC
    • Ice Machines Delivered/moved existing parts washer over & cleaned tool storage
    • Installing Doors/door hardware 2nd & 3rd floors
    • Installing signage and em seal

Below you will find several other updated photos of the project that were taken recently. We also encourage you to view the most recent drone video posted by RCC on their Facebook page.

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