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New Construction Project Update – Feb. 2023

The CityLink construction project has continued to benefit from the mild temperatures and weather conditions this month! The latest updates from the new maintenance and administrative facilities (Phase B) construction project for CityLink, are below.

  • Ameren – Excavated and installed the gas meter east of the electrical room
  • ANJ Electric
    • Excavated & installed conduit for the temp electrical service
    • Installed conduit in duct bank at north end of garage
    • Installed conduit in electrical room, along with temporary power conduit
    • Poured duct bank on north side of drive lane between garage & south building
  • NE Finch
    • Backfilled around skylift pits at NW end of garage
    • Excavated for diamond lift pits at SW end of garage
  • Hanley – United Ironworkers
    • Installed decking at admin building 2nd floor
    • Installed rebar in diamond lift pit at SW end of garage
    • Installed rebar in skylift pit at SE end of garage
  • Tobin
    • Excavating for underground plumbing installation at SW end of admin
    • Installed underground plumbing for skylift at SW end of garage
  • River City Construction (RCC)
    • Formed diamond lift walls at NE & SW end of garage
    • Poured diamond lift walls at north end of garage
    • Poured diamond lift slab at SE end of garage
    • Poured diamond lift slab at SW end of garage
    • Poured mezzanine & skywalk in garage
    • Poured skylift slab at SE end of garage
    • Wrecked forms for diamond lift walls at NE end of garage
  • Western
    • Staged materials for garage roof installation
    • Working on roof install at the garage
  • Currently 34.55% complete on Phases B, C, & D

Beth Schupp and Justin Beaty of RCC hosted their Bradley Senior Project Class on February 10, 2023 for a GPMTD on-site walk-through to help them see the project that they are working on in class and get a better understanding of how the project goes together.

You will find updated photos below that were taken over the past several weeks. A new time-lapse video is not available this month and may not be available again until the construction crew is doing more visible work on the outside of the site.

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