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New Construction Project Update – December 2021

We have four walls! The latest updates from the new paint/body shop, which is Phase A of the new maintenance and administrative facilities construction project for CityLink, is below.

  • A&H Steel continues installing metal bracing and miscellaneous steel.
  • Western has started installing insulated metal panels.
  • ANJ Electric & Dries Plumbing did a great job on getting the underground utilities completed for the duct bank across the drive lane from existing south building to new paint booth building.
  • Mechanical Ditch – concrete install was completed.
  • Peoria Metro moving right along with the retaining wall.
  • NE Finch continues to work on grading and backfilling.
  • Currently 35% complete on Phase A.

You will find photos below that were taken in early-mid December and a timelapse video from Noevember 14, 2021-December 11, 2021.

  • Phase A – Rear Building (Paint and Body Shop)
    • Final Completion Expected April 19, 2022
  • Phase B – Admin/Maintenance Shop & Visitor Parking
    • Out for Bid – December 2022
    • Demo of 1978 Building – April/May of 2022
    • 1 year for site & building construction phase – April/May of 2023
    • Final Completion Expected December 2023
  • Phase C – South Storage Building Renovation
    • Out for Bid – December 2022
    • Final Completion Expected December 2023
  • Phase D – Annex
    • Out for Bid – December 2022
    • Final Completion Expected December 2023

As construction continues, updates will be made on the progress through our website and YouTube channel.

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