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New Construction Project Update – Dec. 2023

It’s the final construction blog update for 2023, and what a year it has been! We’ve seen an amazing amount of progress on the new building, and the attached maintenance garage is very close to being completed. A move-in date is tentatively planned for after the first of the year. The progress on the 2nd and 3rd floors is also moving steadily, and in particular, it is exciting to see more countertops being installed throughout the 2nd floor and pops of the yellow accent color on that floor.

On November 29, the CityLink maintenance staff had a chance to be trained on using the new bus lifts that will be used to complete maintenance underneath the buses. Below are photos from the training session with the 1st shift maintenance staff.

Below are the updates from the contractors and laborers who have worked tirelessly on this project throughout the year. We sincerely thank them for their dedication to providing CityLink with a beautiful new building!

  • Tazewell Asphalt – Installed parking blocks
  • Hohulin – Installing vinyl fencing
  • Tobin – Continuing to install fixtures throughout
  • ANJ Electric – Installing lights at day room & conduit in chassis wash
  • Hitchcock – Installing dry system fire protection & sprinkler heads at day room
  • Bedrock – Painting interior bollards & lobby at 2nd floor
  • Kwik-Wall – Installing accordion wall in simulator room
  • Safetylane – Trained Citylink on vehicle lifts.
  • RCC – Installed door hardware & sealed floors
  • Wright-Way
    • Dropping ceiling tile at 1st floor
    • Framing hard lid in board room & drywalling terraces
  • Phase B complete to date = 75.96%

Below you will find several updated photos that were taken recently. We also encourage you to view the latest aerial video of the building that River City Construction posted on their Facebook page.

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