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New Construction Project Update – Aug. 2022

The latest updates from the new paint/body shop (Phase A) and the new maintenance and administrative facilities (Phase B) construction project for CityLink, are below.

Phase A – Rear Building (Paint/Body Shop):

  • Punch List – 80% complete
  • Close Out Documents – 95% complete, pending test & balance report
  • Owner Training – ANJ/K-Com & Pipco completed a few weeks ago
  • Currently 99% completed

Phases B, C, & D:

  • Illinois Civil Contractors Inc (ICCI) poured front entrance and caulked expansion joints
  • NE Finch laid rock at front entrance, removing asphalt and concrete slab
  • River City Construction (RCC) forming high wall & pilasters
  • RCC poured concrete for footings
  • RCC set anchor bolt templates & wrecking forms for piers & elevator shaft
  • NE Finch graded south of fuel island after sewer pipe was installed.
  • Currently 20% completed

You will find update photos below that were taken over the past several weeks, along with a new time-lapse video that was taken between July 11, 2022 and August 8, 2022.

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