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New Construction Project Update – Apr. 2023

Work on the CityLink construction project is really moving along! This month we have several new photos, including some shots of the 2nd and 3rd floors of the three-story building. The latest updates from the new maintenance and administrative facilities (Phase B) construction project for CityLink, are below.

  • N.E. Finch
    • Backfilling north of admin
    • Demo of house on Van Buren
    • Grading house lot and graded south end of garage
  • United Rebar – Installed rebar at diamond lifts
  • Tobin – Installing trench drains in garage
  • JJ Braker – Installed concrete masonary unit (CMU) at admin 1st floor, & the garage north wall
  • River City Construction
    • Installed vapor barrier at south end of garage
    • Poured chassis wash, & north & north ends of garage slab on grade (SOG)
    • Set door frames at admin 1st floor
  • ANJ Electric – Installed temporary lights at admin 1st floor
  • Bedrock Painting – Installed block filler at mezzanine & south garage wall
  • PIPCO – Installed hangers and ductwork at admin 2nd floor
  • Wright-Way – Installing exterior metal framing at admin
  • Currently 38.12% complete on Phases B, C, & D

You will find several updated photos below that were taken over the past several weeks. A new timelapse video should be available soon.

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