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Construction Has Officially Broke Ground on New Construction Project for CityLink

New Paint/Body Shop at CityLink Facilities is Phase A of This Project

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of action happening behind the garages located at CityLink’s facilities at 2105 NE Jefferson.  Construction has officially broke ground for the new paint/body shop, which is Phase A of the new maintenance and administrative facilities construction project.

Representatives from the design firm, Muller & Muller, provided a presentation to members of the GPMTD Board of Trustees at the end of July with an overview of the project and the current timeline in place.

So far, the crew from River City Construction has cleared the lot next to the visitor parking lot for construction worker parking and has also been working on clearing and prepping the area behind the garage.  Footings for the new building have been placed, so it won’t be long before we start seeing progress with construction of the actual building.

While this is an exciting time for CityLink, it will also be challenging to navigate through working in a construction zone for the next few years.  The demolition of the old 1978 garage is slated for Spring 2022.

Below is the list of phases for the new construction:

  • Phase A – Rear Building (Paint and Body Shop)
    • Final Completion Expected April 14, 2022
  • Phase B – Admin/Maintenance Shop & Visitor Parking
    • OFB – Early Bid Packages – 1st week of August
    • Possible September Board Award
    • Remaining Bid Packages – End of August/1st of September
  • October/November Board Award
    • Demo of 1978 Building – April/May of 2022
    • 1 year for site & building construction phase – April/May of 2023
  • Phase C – South Storage Building Renovation
    • OFB – possible October of 2022
  • Phase D – Annex
    • TBD

As construction continues, updates will be made on the progress through our website and YouTube channel.

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