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CityLink Nears Completion of Transit Center Remodel

The CityLink Transit Center, located at 407 SW Adams in Peoria, has recently undergone an extensive remodel, refresh, and optimization. The project began in October 2019 and is mostly completed as of March 2020. There are still a few projects that are ongoing, but the lobby is fully open and available for patrons to use.

Some of the renovations completed during this remodel include:

  • Lobby
    • Flooring replaced
    • New paint
    • Updated vending machines
    • Stand tables with charging stations
  • Public restrooms fully remodeled
  • Remodel of Customer Service Office
    • Including extension of one of the Customer Service windows
  • Remodel of Operator Break Room
  • Remodel of Security Office
    • Addition of Road Supervisor office space
  • Remodel of Mobility Management Offices
    • Benefit Access/Half-fare/Paratransit Rider ID Office
    • Director of Mobility

Video boards are also planned to be installed in the lobby the future. Below you will see photos that show various stages of the remodel process.

Thank you for your patience during all phases of this remodel project. We hope our passengers are enjoying the new and improved Transit Center facility!




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