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CityLink Participates in Video Shoot with the Peoria Chiefs

CityLink is excited that baseball is finally back in Peoria! After having to cancel the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Peoria Chiefs are back on the diamond at Dozer Park for the 2021 season.

CityLink has been the sponsor of the Peoria Chiefs mascot, Homer, for several years, and we are continuing that tradition in 2021. Homer is a trademark of any Peoria Chiefs home game, and he is a hit with fans of all ages!

Homer received a brand new suit, so it was time to record a new intro video for him for the new season. On May 5, 2021, CityLink and the Peoria Chiefs did a video shoot featuring Homer being driven around the Greater Peoria area on a CityLink bus (one of the new B20 Club full bus wraps!). Among the landmarks you’ll be able to recognize in the background is the Peoria Riverfront,  Museum, the Murray Baker Bridge, the Levee District in East Peoria, and, of course, the Downtown Peoria CityLink Transit Center, where Homer caught the bus. At the end of the video, Homer is dropped off at Dozer Park for the game.

We always have fun when we get to spend time with our buddy Homer. Special shout out and thank you to bus operator Lisa Parker for driving Homer around during the video shoot! Homer’s full intro video and behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot can be viewed below.

For information on the Peoria Chiefs season and tickets, please visit their website at www.milb.com/peoria.

Go Chiefs!

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