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CityLink Celebrates Bike to Work Week 2019

CityLink partnered with the local bicycle advocacy group, Bike Peoria, for National Bike to Work Week by offering free rides to passengers traveling with a bicycle May 13-May 17.  This was the second year that CityLink has participated in Bike to Work Week.

During the course of the week, passengers were encouraged to document their experience riding the bus with their bike on social media. We received some great photos from a passenger named Sarah who said, “I like to ride my bike and the bus because it gives me time for myself in the morning, to slow down, read a book at the bus stop and listen to the city wake up around me.”

Per Ellingson, who is on the Board of Directors for Bike Peoria, also took advantage of the free rides that week.
Sarah riding the bus after placing her bicycle in the bike rack located on the front of the bus.
CityLink GM with operator Marvin Porter.

Even CityLink General Manager Doug Roelfs got in on the action and rode his bike on May 17!

We are already looking forward to next year’s Bike to Work Week celebration.

Visit the Bike and Ride page of our website for tips on bringing your bike on a CityLink bus.

Sarah at a bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive.
CityLink GM Doug Roelfs waiting for the bus at the shelter located outside the CityLink Administrative building.
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