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CityLink & B20 Club of Illinois to Host Event on Apr. 30, 2021

CityLink and the B20 Club of Illinois are hosting a small-scale media event on Friday, April 30, 2021. During this event, there will be a tree planting ceremony in the front lawn of the CityLink Administrative office building. The tree is being purchased and planted by the B20 Club of Illinois in partnership with the American Lung Association and the Illinois Soybean Association. This specific date was chosen because it is Arbor Day in the United States, which is a day to celebrate nature and the promotion of clean air. Planting a tree is a perfect activity to commemorate Arbor Day and to solidify the recently renewed partnership between CityLink and the B20 Club of Illinois.

Once the tree planting ceremony concludes, the event will move to the back parking lot located on CityLink’s facilities. Both new full bus wraps on CityLink fixed route buses (2210 and 2211) will be available for the media to view up close. Brief remarks will be made by representatives from CityLink and the Illinois Soybean Association during this time. These representatives will also be made available for one-on-one media interviews once the event concludes.

Face masks or alternative face coverings are required while on GPMTD/CityLink property and they will only be removed for those speaking during the event and for photos.

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