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Behind-The-Scenes Look at Making of New B20 Club Partnership Video

Towards the end of 2020, CityLink participated in a video to highlight our renewed partnership with the B20 Club and our use of B20 biodiesel fuel. Featured in the video is CityLink Assistant General Manager Nick Standefer, CityLink maintenance employee Jason Calligan, and, of course, several CityLink buses! Below are some behind-the-scenes photos from the video shoot that took place at the end of October 2020.

L-R: CityLink Assistant General Manager Nick Standefer, Adam Rahn from Droi Media, and Bailey Arnold from the B20 Club during the video shoot.
Adam Rahn gets footage of CityLink employee Jason Calligan fueling up one of the hybrid buses.

In addition to the video shoot with CityLink, the B20 Club also shot video on CityLink property with our fuel provider Ag-Land FS. They interviewed Kevin Lockart, who is an Energy Consultant for Ag-Land FS, and he spoke about the benefits of using B20 biodiesel fuel.

L-R: Bailey Arnold and Adam Rahn interviewing Kevin Lockart from Ag-Land FS in front a fuel truck.
Adam Rahn films Ag-Land FS employee Michael Johnson while he fills the gas tank located on CityLink property.

To learn more about CityLink’s renewed partnership with the B20 Club, please view this press release. For more information on the history of GPMTD’s use of biodiesel fuel, please visit the B20 Club Biodiesel page of our website.

You can view both of the CityLink video and Ag-Land FS video below.

Thank you to our partners at the B20 Club for asking CityLink to participate in the video and highlighting our use of B20 biodiesel fuel!

In case you missed it, CityLink also recently highlighted its renewed partnership with the B20 Club with new full bus wraps on two CityLink fixed route buses (2210 and 2211). Additional participating sponsors for these wraps are Ag-Land FS, Inc., the American Lung Association, the Illinois Soybean Association and the Tazewell County Farm Bureau.

We think these bus wraps make an impression when they’re on the road with bright green color!

Driver-side/street-side view of one of the new B20 Club full bus wraps on bus 2210.
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