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2023 Peoria Historical Calendar is Now Available

The 2023 Peoria Historical Calendar is available. This year, the calendar features vintage photographs of local department stores, shopping complexes and retail stores. In their heyday, department stores were very prosperous, and Peoria was home to several, including the founding of the P.A. Bergner Store in 1889. Shopping in Downtown Peoria was an occasion for the whole family, and it attracted people from miles away. Shopping eventually expanded outside of the downtown area with the popularity of shopping complexes like Sheridan Village and shopping malls like Northwoods Mall.

2023 Peoria Historical Calendar Cover

“The way people shop has evolved over the years with the popularity of online shopping, but Peoria continues to be a destination for those wanting to indulge in some retail therapy or to simply buy necessities. We hope that viewing the businesses featured in the 2023 Peoria Historical Calendar will bring back fond memories for those that have lived or shopped in Peoria.”

CityLink Director of Marketing Emily Watson

Since 1990, CityLink has produced the Peoria Historical Calendar to showcase the rich history this area has to offer. The photographs and content for this year’s calendar were provided by the Virginius H. Chase Special Collections Center at Bradley University, Peoria Historical Society and Peoria Public Library

The 2023 Peoria Historical Calendar is available for a suggested donation of $5.00 at the CityLink Administrative Office (2105 NE Jefferson) and the CityLink Transit Center (407 SW Adams) during designated Customer Service hours. Local retailer Urban Artifacts (925 N. Sheridan) is also selling the calendar for a suggested donation of $5.00. It makes for a great stocking stuffer for local history buffs. All proceeds collected will be donated to the Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service.

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