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GPMTD Offers Peek at CityLift & CountyLink Driver Training Course at Landmark Recreation Center

On November 16, 2021, GPMTD offered a peek at the new driver training course set up in the at Landmark Recreation Center with a demonstration and opportunity for the media to see the course up close. Landmark has been gracious in allowing the use of their parking to serve as an obstacle/training course for new CityLift and CountyLink driver trainees since February 2021. The parking lot being used is the perfect space for new driver trainees to receive training and for current drivers to take refresher training from time to time. New driver trainees are required to take a certain amount of hours on the obstacle/training course before they are able to move on to behind the wheel training.

During the demonstration, Transdev trainer Charles Stewart (in the orange vest in the photos below) lead the trainee and current drivers on the course with instruction with the trainee/drivers both inside the vehicle and outside the vehicle.

We recorded two Facebook Live videos with CityLift/CountyLink GM Angel Marinich and Safety & Training Manager Lance Randle. Below are links to view both videos.

GPMTD has a contract with Transdev for the management and operations of its CityLift paratransit service and CountyLink rural transportation service. Both CityLift and CountyLink are demand response (door-to-door) services, meaning there are no fixed routes or designated stops for getting on and off vehicles.

CityLift paratransit service is available for individuals who do not have the functional capability to use the fixed-route system. CityLift service is a complementary service to the CityLink fixed route bus service.

CountyLink rural transportation service is available for individuals in Peoria County. A trip must begin or end in the rural part of Peoria County; generally, outside the Peoria City limits and the CityLink fixed route service area.

We would like to thank Landmark for allowing the use of their parking lot. They have not asked for any compensation from Transdev and simply stated that they want to help in making sure CityLift/CountyLink have a safe and adequate space to receive training. This is a great example of partnership that benefits the community in which both Landmark and CityLift/CountyLink serve.

We would also like to share that Transdev is hiring for driver positions for both CityLift and CountyLink. Visit the jobs page of the Transdev NA website and search for PEORIA to find the opportunities available to drive for two services that are a lifeline for those in need of transportation in the Greater Peoria area!

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