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Effective 6/29/2020 CityLink is Fully Resuming Regularly Scheduled Service

CityLink is fully resuming regularly scheduled fixed route bus service operating hours effective June 29, 2020. This includes weekday, Saturday and Sunday service. The Transit Center lobby (407 SW Adams) remains closed to the public until further notice.

“Since Governor Pritzker is entering Illinois into Phase 4 of the ‘Restore Illinois’ plan, we have made the decision to resume our regularly scheduled fixed route bus service and operating hours,” said CityLink General Manager Doug Roelfs. “We have continuously monitored this situation and have made decisions based on CDC guidelines and those mandated by the State of Illinois. We want the community to know that CityLink is a clean and safe transportation option that they can count on,” continued Roelfs.

Passengers continue to be required to wear a face mask or an alternative protective face covering prior to boarding, while riding all transportation services and/or while at the Transit Center facility. This includes passengers riding CityLink fixed route bus service, CityLift paratransit service and CountyLink rural transportation service.

Fare collection continues to be suspended on all services until further notice, and non-ADA passengers are asked to enter and exit through the rear door of fixed route buses.

Customer Service staff is available during designated business hours at 309-676-4040. Information is updated regularly on the CityLink COVID-19 Resource page, and CityLink social media pages (Facebook & Twitter) for updates.

CityLink continues to sanitize and deep clean all vehicles and facilities daily with EPA approved products recommended by the CDC.

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