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CityLink Partnering with Local Libraries to Offer Free Rides in September to Library Card Holders

In a first-ever “Fine Free + Fare Free” initiative, the Greater Peoria Mass Transit District (GPMTD) is offering free CityLink bus rides throughout September for Peoria, Peoria Heights, Pekin and Fondulac library patrons in honor of National Library Card Sign-up Month.

Riders need to show a library card from one of these four libraries to ride for free on any of CityLink’s fixed routes across Peoria, Peoria Heights, East Peoria and Pekin between Sept. 1-30.

“CityLink is pleased to partner with the Peoria Public Library, Peoria Heights Public Library, Fondulac District Library and Pekin Public Library to offer free rides in September to library card holders. This is a great opportunity for our passengers to access the public libraries within our service area. Public transportation and public libraries are both essential services in the Greater Peoria area that are available to everyone.”

CityLink General Manager Doug Roelfs.

In addition to promoting National Library Card Sign-Up Month, September is also the 2nd anniversary of Peoria and Fondulac libraries going fine free, thus the “Fine Free + Fare Free” promotion. Pekin Library, which already offered fine-free library cards for children, will extend this advantage to all Pekin Library card holders in September. Peoria Heights Public Library has been fine free since 2016.

CityLink buses stop at or near all of these libraries, which, combined, offer educational and entertaining resources and programming to more than 165,000 residents across Peoria, Peoria Heights, East Peoria and Pekin. CityLink, meanwhile, provided more than 1.5 million passenger trips on its fixed routes in fiscal year 2022.

Below are the list of CityLink routes with access to the participating libraries.

Peoria Public Libraries

Fondulac District Library

Peoria Heights Public Library

Pekin Public Library

For more information about how to obtain a library card, please contact the library associated with your residence:

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