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CityLink to Celebrate Bike to Work Week 2019

CityLink is offering free rides to passengers traveling with a bicycle on fixed route buses during Bike to Work Week starting on May 13, 2019 through May 17, 2019. May is National Bike Month, and the week of May 13-17 is dedicated to the promotion of biking to work instead of driving. This free ride offer during Bike to Work Week is in conjunction with CityLink’s continued support of the local non-profit bicycle advocacy organization, Bike Peoria. CityLink and Bike Peoria are allies in promoting alternative and multimodal transportation options in the Peoria area.

“We believe this a unique opportunity for CityLink and Bike Peoria to join forces and show that multi-modal transportation in the Greater Peoria Area is both a viable and cost-effective option for those in the workforce,” said CityLink General Manager Doug Roelfs.

“Bicycle transportation has huge health and economic benefits on communities, and CityLink recognizes that,” said Bike Peoria President Brent Baker. “The combination of bike and bus is perfect for Peorians who want to go farther with their bikes, or for people who want easier access to bus stops.”

Passengers are encouraged to ride their bike and use CityLink to get to work that week in celebration and chronicle their journey by posting photos and videos on social media and tagging CityLink on Facebook or Twitter and Bike Peoria on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #BikeToWorkPeoria.

Please note that the free ride offer is limited to passengers using the bike rack located on the front of CityLink buses, and the majority of CityLink bike racks can accommodate no more than two bicycles at a time. Space on the bike racks and the free ride offer is available on a first come first serve basis for each bus. To learn how to use the rack on the bus, visit www.ridecitylink.org/passengers/bike-and-ride. There are bike racks available for passengers to lock their bikes to at the downtown Transit Center (407 SW Adams) should bike space be unavailable to use on the buses.

The Greater Peoria Mass Transit District (CityLink) has provided affordable public transportation to the citizens of the Greater Peoria area since 1970. With a strong fleet of 53 buses, passengers can depend on CityLink to get them where they need to go. CityLink’s buses use state-of-the-art technology to provide transportation that is clean and energy efficient.  Learn more about riding bicyles with CityLink on the Bike and Ride page of our website.

Bike Peoria is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in spring 2013 with the goal of making Peoria a more enjoyable and welcoming place to ride. We are citizens and cycling enthusiasts who are leading the charge by advocating, encouraging, and promoting a more bike-friendly city and region. Volunteers are the heart of this movement and we rely strongly on the efforts of this community to make our city safer and easier to ride. For more information, visit www.bikepeoria.org.

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