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Stop Added in Evergreen Square on #4 Sheridan Route Effective 4/3/22

Posted: April 1, 2022

Due to the overwhelming response to passengers who go to the Kroger located in Evergreen Square, the #4 Sheridan routing is being altered to go into the Evergreen Square shopping complex effective on April 3, 2022. The update is as follows:


  • From Sheridan
  • Left on Lake
  • Right at the Light on lake
  • Continue straight making sure you are in front of the old Kmart Building
  • Right on Stonegate(stop sign)
  • Left on Sheridan
  • Stop ID# 3010


  • From Sheridan
  • Right on Stonegate
  • Continue down the towards the old Kmart building
  • Left at the stop sign
  • Continue straight until you get to the light at Lake
  • Left on Lake
  • Right on Sheridan
  • Stop ID# 3009

The stops are located at the intersection in between the two parking lots of the shopping complex, near the goodwill donation box and directly across.

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