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Bus Advertising

Each day buses are rotated on one of 23 routes enabling more people to see the ads. CityLink buses travel daily using 53 vehicles over 7,000 miles in a 74 plus square miles area. More than three million rides are provided each year. This advertising catches the consumer on the road and can affect actual calls with unrivaled traveling power. 

Bus Wrap Advertising

 Full Bus Ad 2  

The full-bus wrap and partial-bus wrap advertising dominates the road wherever it travels. The business or organization stands out with a higher impact display given the larger size of the advertising space available on fixed route buses. The two photos above are examples of full-bus wraps. The photo below on the left is an example of a half-bus wrap on one side of the bus. The photo below on the right is an example of a King Kong partial-bus wrap.


CityLink Bus Wrap Advertising Rates (All rates are based on per vinyl advertisement per month and do not include production or installation costs.)

  • The mininum contract length requirement for all bus wrap signage is 12 months.
  • Please call the CityLink Marketing Department at 309-679-8138 for bus wrap advertising rates and information.

Please read the following advisory from the Federal Transit Administration regarding the installation of vinyl wraps on buses.

FTA Safety Alert - Vinyl Film Advertisements (Bus Wraps)

Traditional Bus Board and Interior Advertising


The king-sized sign is the most requested size of sign. It is 12 feet long and it is located on the driver's side of the bus. This sign makes a bold statement and is visible from a distance. The photo above on the left is an example of a standard king-sized sign. The photo on the right is an example of a tail-sized sign, which is located on the rear/back of the bus.

Interior Ad 

Interior signs are a perfect way to reach your customers as they travel.

Printable Advertising Spec Sheet (PDF)

CityLink Bus Board and Interior Advertising Rates (All rates are based on per bus board per month and do not include production costs.)

Sign Type Size/Material 1-2 months 3-5 months 6-11 months 12 months
King 144" x 30" Frame $235 $220 $190 $180
Tail 72" x 21" Frame $195 $180 $165 $150
Curb 57.5" x 27.5" Frame $130 $120 $110 $100
Interior Cards 28" x 11", 1 Per Bus, 
.02 mm PVC material
  • Non-Profit groups receive a 10% discount on advertising fees for traditional bus board signage only.
  • There is no discount for advertising agencies.
  • All contracts are subject to availability and approval by CityLink.  
  • Advertiser may use any sign company that meets the specifications of CityLink. A list of local sign companies is available upon request. Specifications available on request.  
  • Note: Signs must arrive at CityLink in one piece on Coroplast (corrugated plastic or equivalent) for exterior signs or Styrene material or laminated cardstock for interior signs. 

Recommended Material for Exterior Signs:  Screenprinted on 4mm Coroplast or similar corrugated material, and lamination is recommended to ensure longevity of artwork.

Recommended Material for Interior Signs:  Digital print on .030 White Styrene (or similar PVC material), or laminated cardstock.

Please note that rates for traditional bus boards and interior signage do not include production charges.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Traditional King, Tail and Curb bus board signs MUST be printed on a material such as corrugated plastic or PVC as they must be inserted into sign frames that are already mounted on the buses.  King, Tail and Curb signs cannot be direct application vinyl.

Character of Advertising

The text and illustrations on cards and/or signs and the paper and/or other display material used are subject to approval by GPMTD, and their decision as to the acceptability is final. All advertisements should be of a reputable character, conform to recognized business standards and not conflict with the laws of the United States, Illinois or political subdivisions. Immoral, vulgar, disreputable or other advertisements that may be offensive to the public will not be accepted. Advertising for tobacco, alcohol products and advertisements with “adult” themes are expressly prohibited. All artwork for signage should be submitted for approval to the CityLink Director of Marketing and Public Relations prior to the signage being produced and/or printed.

The GPMTD Board of Trustees adopted a formal Advertising Policy on August 15, 2017. Potential advertisers are encouraged to view the policy prior to having artwork designed for bus signs and/or wraps.

Production of the signage is the responsibility of the advertiser.  The following companies may be contacted regarding sign production:

  • City Blue Technologies - (309) 550-5000
  • CMFI Group - (309) 683-2723
  • Fast Signs - (309) 682-5300
  • GH Imaging - (800) 678-4041 x 5683 
  • PIP Printing - (309) 691-6500
  • Technicraft - (309) 495-5245
  • Vital Signs - (309) 745-9361
  • Wayne Printing - (309) 691-2496
  • Zendavor Signs & Graphics - (309) 691-8822

For more infomation:

CityLink Marketing and Public Relations
2105 NE Jefferson
Peoria, IL 61603
Phone: 309-679-8138
Email: marketingpr(at)

Paratransit Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Businesses and organizations now have the opportunity to advertise with a mobile billboard wrap on paratransit vehicles in the Greater Peoria Area.  The Greater Peoria Mass Transit District (GPMTD) has entered into a brokerage agreement with Heller Outdoor Group, Inc. for the sales of advertising on its 36 CityLift vehicles and 10 CountyLink vehicles.

Mobile outdoor advertising wraps on CityLift and CountyLink vehicles offer an affordable and unique opportunity to reach not only residential neighborhoods, but also rural areas throughout Peoria County that often do not have outdoor advertising opportunities available.  CityLift’s service area includes Peoria, Peoria Heights, West Peoria, East Peoria and Pekin, and CountyLink’s service area includes Brimfield, Edelstein, Edwards, Elmwood, Glasford, Hanna City, Kickapoo, Mapleton and Princeville, among other rural communities.  The potential for coverage on these paratransit vehicles is as much as 106,500 hours and 1,453,000 miles per year.

Heller Outdoor Group, Inc. was established in 1990, and has a proven experience with various outdoor advertising practices, including outdoor mobile billboard advertising.

To learn more about advertising on CityLift and CountyLink vehicles, including rate information, please call Heller Outdoor Group, Inc. at 309-691-7279.

2105 NE Jefferson Ave    •    Peoria, Illinois 61603    •    309-676-4040

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