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Fare & Ticket Prices

Please pay exact fares only. Drivers are not equipped to make change or sell passes. Have your fare ready when boarding. Deposit cash in the farebox or give your pass to the operator to punch.


Adult - Single Ride $1.00
Disabled - Single Ride  $0.50
Student - Single Ride  $0.50*†
Seniors (65 & older) FREE
Park-N-Ride Events (each way) $1.00
CityLift Paratransit Services - One Way $2.00
Circuit Breaker passengers (with approved Photo ID) FREE


Tickets & Punch Passes

Adult Punch Pass - 20 Rides $20.00
Disabled Punch Pass - 20 Rides $10.00
Student Punch Pass - 20 Rides $10.00*
Weekend-Fun Bus Pass (Unlimited rides all day Friday & Saturday)  $5.00**
Metro Card - Unlimited Monthly $40.00
Disabled Metro Card - Unlimited Monthly $20.00
Student Metro Card* - Unlimited Monthly $20.00

* Current School ID or Class Schedule is required
† Only with pass or ticket. Cash not accpeted.
‡ Except Mon.-Fri. 7:15-9:15am & 3:45-5:15pm
** New pass needed each weekend


  • Free, when necessary to complete a one-way single-zone trip.
  • Please request transfer when you pay your fare, not when you are getting off of the bus.
  • Transfers are good for one hour!

2105 NE Jefferson Ave    •    Peoria, Illinois 61603    •    309-676-4040

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